Pacific APA 2012

Session 1
Pragmatism and Early Analytic Philosophy

Chair: Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University)


Henry Jackman (York University)
James vs Russell on the Nature of Acquaintance

Alexander Klein (California State University, Long Beach)
What (Use) Did Russell Make of Functionalist Psychology?

Eric Dayton (University of Saskatchewan)
C.I. Lewis, the Pragmatic A Priori and the American Assimilation of Logical Positivism

Session 2
Kant, Frege, and the Science of Logic

Chair: Jeremy Heis (UC Irvine)


Clinton Tolley (UC San Diego)
The Necessity of Receptivity in Logic: Frege’s Criticism of Kant
Commentator: Danielle Macbeth (Haverford College )

Erich Reck (UC Riverside)
From Kant to Frege and Beyond: On the Objects of Modern Logic
Commentator: Joan Weiner (Indiana University)