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Pacific APA 2011

The Carnap/Quine debate and its contemporary relevance to metaontology

Session 1

Chair: Paul M. Livingston (University of New Mexico)

Richard Creath (Arizona State University)
Carnap’s Ontological Caution

Amie Thomasson (University of Miami)
Carnap and the Prospects for Easy Ontology

Session 2

Chair: Sandra Lapointe (Kansas State University)

Luke Thompson (Monash University)
Why Carnap needs a Rationalist Psychology to support his Deflationism

Greg Lavers (Concordia University)
On the Quinean-analyticity of mathematical propositions

Central APA 2011

Truth in Analytical Philosophy

Chair: Chris Pincock (Purdue University)

Fraser MacBride (University of Cambridge)
Russell on Relations and Judgement

Joshua Schwartz (University of Chicago)
Quine and the Problem of Truth

Paul Cudney / Eric Winsberg (University of South Florida)
Through Tarski, Darkly: A typology of contemporary concepts of truth.

Central APA 2010

Aspects of Analysis

Chair: Sandra Lapointe (Kansas State University)


Peter Hylton (University of Illinois at Chicago)
“Ideas of a Logically Perfect Language in Analytic Philosophy”

Mark Textor (King’s College, University of London)
“Reinach and Co. on Rejection and Negative Judgement”

Michael Detlefsen (University of Notre Dame)
“Freedom and Analysis”