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SSHAP 2018

Seventh Annual Conference

Hamilton, ON, 19-21 June 2018

The seventh annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy will be held at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, 19-21 June 2018. It is locally organised by Sandra Lapointe with the assistance of Sean Dudley and sponsored by the Philosophy Department at McMaster University.

Invited Speakers:

This year’s meeting is being held in conjunction with the Bertrand Russell Society whose conference (22-24 June 2018) convenes immediately after the SSHAP meeting. The organizers hope that SSHAP conferees will also want to attend the BRS meeting and vice versa. There are many areas of shared interest and possibilities for fruitful exchange. Information about the BRS meeting and its call for papers can be found here.

Call for Abstracts/Papers

Program and Abstracts of Talks

SSHAP 2017

Sixth Annual Conference

Calgary, 8-10 May 2017

The sixth annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy will be held at the University of Calgary,  May 8-10, 2017.  It is locally organised by Richard Zach and sponsored by the Philosophy Department at the University of Calgary.

This year’s meeting is being held in conjunction with the Society for Exact Philosophy whose conference (5-7 May 2017) convenes immediately before the SSHAP meeting. The organizers hope that SSHAP conferees will also want to attend the SEP meeting and vice versa. There are many areas of shared interest and possibilities for fruitful exchange. Information about the SEP meeting can be found here.

Invited Speakers:

Call for Abstracts and Submission Instructions

Registration information and program

Abstracts of papers

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SSHAP 2016

Fifth annual conference

Denver, 16-18 June 2016

The fifth annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy will be held at Metropolitan State University Denver in Denver, Colorado.  It is locally organised by Sean Morris and funded by the Philosophy Department at MSUD.

Invited Speakers




June 16, 2016

9:00                 Coffee/Pastries (CN 303)

10:00–11:00    Registration (CN 303)

11:00–1:00      Session 1

CN 204 (Chair: Gary Ebbs)

  • Warren Goldfarb, Harvard University: Showing
  • Juliette Kennedy, University of Helsinki: Tarski and the “mathematical”

CN 205 (Chair: Alex Klein)

  • Robert Greenleaf Brice, Loyola University: Defending Common Sense, Moore and Wittgenstein
  • Kevin Morris, Tulane University: Revisiting Moore’s Critique of Organic Unity

CN 217 (Chair: Sandra Lapointe)

  • Sam N. Johnson, University of Arkansas: Ryle the Functionalist
  • Paul L. Franco, University of Washington: ‘Like offering a text-book…to someone who says (with a sigh)…that he wished he understood…the human heart’: ‘Ordinary Language’ Criticisms of Logical Positivism


1:00–2:00        Lunch (CN 303)

2:00–4:00        Session 2

CN 204 (Chair: Richard Creath)

  • James Pearson, Bridgewater State University: Caring for Quine’s Don’t Cares
  • Matt Carlson, Wabash College: Understanding Quine’s Epistemological Project

CN 205 (Chair: Stewart Shapiro)

  • Sandra Lapointe, McMaster University: Methodological Perspectives on the History of Logic
  • Marcus Rossberg, University of Connecticut (joint work with Andrew Parisi): Sellars’s Debt to Carnap: Abstract Entities

CN 217 (Chair: Kevin Morris)

  • Aude Bandini, Université de Montréal: Losing sight of the Given: N. Goodman against C. I. Lewis
  • Vladimir Seliverstov, National Research University Higher School of Economics: The meaning and significance of dispute on objectless presentations

4:00–4:30        Coffee Break (CN 303)

4:30–6:00        Plenary Speaker: Richard Creath, Arizona State University (TV 320)

Carnap, Quine and Convention

                                 Chair: Joan Weiner


7:00                 Informal Dinner: Euclid Hall


June 17, 2016

9:00–11:00      Session 3

CN 204 (Chair: Markus Rossberg)

  • Joan Weiner, Indiana University: The Epistemological Project of the Grundgesetze
  • David Godden, Michigan State University: Revisiting Frege’s Epistemology. Frege on the nature of proof and justification

CN 205 (Chair: Joshua Eisenthal)

  • Phillip Ricks, University of Iowa: How Was the Tractatus Meant to be Read?” Subtitle: “Walking the Paths of the Tractatus
  • Andrew Parisi, University of Connecticut: Carnap’s Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus

CN 217 (Chair: Peter Sullivan)

  • Sean Morris, Metropolitan State University of Denver: Russell, Idealism, and the Emergence of Scientific Philosophy
  • Alex Klein, California State University: Anarchism and Morbid Melancholy: Was Russell Right about James on God?


11:00–11:30    Coffee Break (CN 303)


11:30–1:00      Plenary Speaker: Consuelo Preti, The College of New Jersey (TV 320)

“Fraternally Yours”: The Curious Bond Between Moore and Russell

                                                Chair: Sandra Lapointe


1:00-1:30         General Annual Meeting and Election (TV 320)

1:30–2:30        Lunch (TV 320)

2:30–4:30        Session 4

CN 204 (Chair: David Godden)

  • Andrew Smith, Indiana University: Frege’s Conversion
  • William Taschek, Ohio State University: Frege on Sense and the Normatively of Logic

CN 205 (Chair: Richard Zach)

  • Stewart Shapiro, Ohio State University: Potential Infinity: a modal account
  • Landon D. C. Elkind, University of Iowa: A Theorem of Infinity for Principia Mathematica

CN 217 (Chair: Andrei Marasoiu)

  • Matthew Childers, University of Iowa: Wittgenstein and Kant on Substance
  • Clinton Tolley, University of California: Helmholtz’s Psychology and the Distinction Between Sensation and Perception


7:00     Conference Dinner: Lola


June 18, 2016

9:00–11:00      Session 5

CN 204 (Chair: Paul L. Franco)

  • Daniel W. Harris, Hunter College and Elmar Unnsteinsson, University College Dublin: Wittgenstein, Austin, and the Origins of Speech-Act Theory: A Preliminary Report
  • Andrei Marasoiu, University of Virginia: What is it to understand?

CN 205 (Chair: Sean Morris)

  • Kevin Klement, University of Massachusetts: Russell’s Logicism Reevaluated
  • Richard Zach, University of Calgary: Steinhardt on Variables

CN 217 (Chair: Timothy Juvshik)

  • Yousuf Hasan, University of Western Ontario: Quine’s Flight from ‘Analyticity’: Reassessing his Empirical Challenge to Carnap.
  • Yi Tong, University of Minnesota: Two Views of Conceptual Analysis


11:00–11:30    Coffee Break (CN 303)

11:30–1:00      Plenary Speaker: Gary Ebbs, Indiana University (TV 320)

Carnap on Ontology

Chair: Warren Goldfarb

1:00–2:00        Lunch (TV 320)

2:00–4:00        Session 6

CN 204 (Chair: Matt Carlson)

  • Kazutaka Inamura, Hirosaki University: Carnap’s explication in the context of definition theory
  • Timothy Juvshik, McGill University: Against a Neo-Quinean Meta-Ontology

CN 205 (Chair: Sandra Lapointe)

  • Matt Chick, Washington University and Matt LaVine, SUNY Buffalo: Public Philosophy, Public Reason, and the Publicly-Verifiable

CN 217 (Chair: Juliette Kennedy)

  • James Russell Connelly, Trent University: On some Expository Blunders regarding Wittgenstein’s Operator N
  • Peter Sullivan, University of Stirling: The Identity Theory of Truth






Group Session, Pacific APA 2016

Pragmatism, language and concepts formation

Chair : Danielle Macbeth (Harverford College)

From Conceptual Pragmatism to Pragmatic Naturalism: Sellars’s Contribution to the Pragmatic A Priori, Carl B. Sachs (Marymount University)

Behaviorism, Rationalism, and Explanation, Peter Olen (Lake Sumter State College)

Choosing a Conceptual Frame: Sellars on Carnap, Aude Bandini (Université de Montréal/ Cégep É. Montpetit)


Frege’s Conception of Sense

Chair: Erich Reck (University of California, Riverside)

Sense and Judgement, Robert May (University of California, Davis)

TBA, Jeremy Heis (University of California, Irvine)

Sense and the Amodality of Truth, Sanford Shieh (Wesleyan University)

Group Session, Central APA 2016

Arbitrariness in Frege’s Philosophy of Mathematics

Chair: Marcus Rossberg (University of Connecticut)

Arbitrariness and Conceptual Analysis in Frege, Patricia Blanchette (University of Notre Dame)

Frege’s Definition of Cardinal Number, Roy T. Cook (University of Minnesota)

What arbitrariness? Frege’s two definitions of number and the aims of analysis, Philip A. Ebert (University of Stirling)

Arbitrariness and Constraints in Frege and Dedekind, Erich Reck (University of California, Riverside)

Russell and Wittgenstein in the 1910s and 1920s: New Developments

On Newman’s Twin Objections to Russell’s Structural Realism

TBA, David G. Stern (University of Iowa)

On the Ontology behind Russell’s Map of the Judgment Complex in His Theory of Knowledge, Katarina Perovic (University of Iowa)

Time in Russell’s Structural Realism, Gregory Landini (University of Iowa)

On Newman’s Twin Objections to Russell’s Structural Realism, Landon D. C. Elkind (University of Iowa)

SSHAP 2015

Fourth Annual Conference

Dublin, 4-6 June 2015

The fourth annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy was held at Trinity College Dublin (Ireland), 4-6 June 2015. The local organizers were James Levine and Peter Simons. The conference was held jointly with the meeting of the Bertrand Russell Society.

Invited Speakers

  • Tom Baldwin (York)
  • Juliette Kennedy (Helsinki)
  • Michael Kremer (Chicago)
  • Wolfgang Künne (Hamburg)

Pacific APA 2014 (Cancelled)

Philosophical Revolutions 1895-1935: Analytic Philosophy, Pragmatism And Phenomenology

Chair: Professor Maria Baghramian (University College Dublin)


Cheryl Misak (University of Toronto)
Pragmatism’s Analytic Heritage: C.S. Peirce and Frank Ramsey

James Levine (Trinity College Dublin)
Russell, Pragmatism, and Meaning as Use

Michael Beaney (The University of York)
John Cook Wilson and the Origins of Oxford ordinary language philosophy

Sarin Marchetti (University College Dublin)
The Nature of Verification Between Pragmatism and Logical Positivism

Central APA 2014

Session 1

Kantian Problems in Early Analytic Philosophy

Chair: Sandra Lapointe (McMaster University)


Nick Stang  (University of Miami)
Kant, Russell, and the Unity of the Proposition

Jack Woods (Bilkent Univeristy):
‘A judgment forced upon us’: Poincaré on Intuition and Mathematical Induction

Lydia Patton (Virginia Tech)
Space and Methodology in Helmholtz, Mach, and Kant

Clinton Tolley (UCSD)
Geometry and the possibility of synthetic apriori cognition in the early Carnap

Session 2

Between Analytic Philosophy and American Pragmatism: C. I. Lewis and Wilfrid Sellars

Chair: James Conant (University of Chicago )


Aude Bandini (Université de Montréal/Université du Québec à Montréal)
C. I. Lewis: Transcendental Realism with a Pragmatist Turn

Steven Levine (University of Massachusetts, Boston)
James and Lewis on the Given

Peter Olen (University of Central Florida)
Sellars vs. Lewis, Round 1: The Realist Challenge to Conceptual Pragmatism

Carl Sachs
Is the Given a Myth?: Analytic Pragmatism in C. I. Lewis and Wilfrid Sellars