SSHAP 2020 at Vienna Postponed to 2021

The Ninth Annual SSHAP Meeting at the University of Vienna is now postponed to 2021. We thank Georg Schiemer, Florian Kolowrat, and the rest of the organizing team at the University of Vienna, for all the work they had done to set up the conference for July 2020. We also thank Prof. George Karamanolis, head of the Philosophy Department at the University of Vienna, for supporting the process of postponing the conference to 2021. We are very hopeful that the Ninth Annual Meeting will take place in Vienna in 2021 at roughly the same time of year. More information on this postponement will be posted at this site as it becomes available.

All officers and members of the Board of SSHAP will have their terms extended by one year, and 2020 elections will take place in 2021.

Our best wishes to all for your safety and health.