Recovering the History of Analytic Philosophy with Stanley Cavell

Volume 9.9 of The Journal for the History of Analytical Philosophy (JHAP) has now been published online, with full open-access:

This special issue was edited by Edward Guetti and G. Anthony Bruno and consists of the following seven papers, as well as an introduction by Edward Guetti.

“Cavell and Philosophical Vertigo” by Duncan Pritchard:

“Schelling, Cavell, and the Truth of Skepticism” by G. Anthony Bruno:

“Stanley Cavell on What We Say” by Arata Hamawaki:

“Cavell and the ‘History of the Rejection of the Human'” by Edward Guetti:

“Cavell’s Method: Pursuing and Subverting the Analytic Tradition” by Sandra Laugier:

“Cavell and the Quest for a Voice: The Importance of the Notion “Claim” in Aesthetics and Ethics” by Sofia Miguens:

“Logic and Voice: Stanley Cavell and Analytic Philosophy” by Espen Hammer:

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