SSHAP 2022 Program

The tenth annual conference of the Society for the Study of the History of Analytical Philosophy (SSHAP) will be held at School of Philosophy, Shanxi University 山西大学, 6-8 July, 2022. 

All talks will be online, on Zoom. All are welcome to attend the talks, but please register by sending an email to with the subject line: “Register for SSHAP 2022” to receive passcode access. Zoom meeting links are hyperlinked to “Zoom n” along the Morning and Afternoon Session rows, and to “ Plenary Lecture. ”

  • Talks are 45 minutes including Q&A.
  • There will be 5-10 minutes between talks for rest and to switch to another Zoom session.
  • Some symposia have a slightly different time structure from the standard times of the left-most column below, and in these cases times are given for each participant or event of the symposium.
  • All times are China Standard Time (CST), UTC+8. Thus, for participants in time zones of the Americas, the Morning Sessions are in the evenings of 5-7 July, and for participants in time zones of Europe, the Afternoon Sessions are in the mornings of 6-8 July.

A preliminary program follows below. Titles of talks are links to abstracts.

Changes will be posted here as they occur, so please check back here, and at the local conference website:

Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Morning SessionsZoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
 Chair: Josh EisenthalChair: Gary EbbsChair: JIANG Yi 江怡
09:00-09:45Tyke Nunez,
The Twilight of Intuition and Russell’s Early Hylomorphism: Space in
Russell’s Foundations of Geometry
Bernard Linsky,
On the Use of Dots in Principia Mathematica
Stewart Shapiro, Øystein Linnebo, and Samuel Levey,
Theology, Potential Infinity, and Cantor
09:55-10:40Marcus Rossberg,
The Success of Logicism: Frege, Russell, Dedekind
Mauro Luiz Engelmann,
“What would it look like?”: Wittgenstein’s Radical Thought-Experiments in Philosophical Remarks
10:50-11:35Teresa Kouri Kissel,
Stebbing: Translations and Verbal Disputes
Christopher Pincock,
Propositional Attitudes in Russell’s Analysis of Mind
Yael Gazit,
McDowell, Sellars, and the History of Philosophy
11:45-13:15 Plenary Lecture
Erich Reck,
Wittgenstein’s Reception of Frege
Chair: Sanford Shieh
13:15-14:30Lunch Break
Afternoon SessionsZoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
Chair: Francis Y. Lin 林允清 Chair: CHEN Changshen 陈常燊Chair: Michael Beaney
14:30-15:15CHEN Bo 陈波 and HU Lanshuang 胡兰双,
Hintikka and Williamson on the KK Principle
XU Ao 徐鏖,
Preliminary Discussion on Otto Weininger’s Influence on Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
GU Chengcheng 谷城成
The Evaluation Criterion of Chinese Argumentation
15:25-16:10HUANG Min 黄敏,
The Tractarian Transcendental Idealism
XU Yingjin 徐英瑾,
How Could Ōmori Shōzō Use Wittgenstein to Fight against Wittgenstein?
ZHU Jing 朱菁,
Yuelin Jin’s Epistemology: A Masterwork Ahead of Its Time with a Lamentable Fate
16:20-17:05Carsten Fogh Nielsen,
Revising the Standard Story: How William Frankena invented Virtue Ethics
Fabian Pregel,
Frege’s Concept of Completeness
Fredrik Stjernberg,
The Essential Openness of Waismann’s Notion of Analyticity
17:15-18:00Anton Alexandrov,
Frege’s Explication of Function and its Relevance for Logicism
Benjamin Marschall,
Carnap and Quine: The Best of Both Worlds?

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Morning Sessions Zoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
 Chair: Mauro Luiz EngelmannChair: Landon ElkindChair: ZHU Jing 朱菁
09:00-09:45JIANG Yi 江怡 ,
The Reverse Reading of the Tractatus and its Problems
Peter Hylton,
Naturalism and Tolerance
Jim Hutchinson,
Frege’s Metaphysical Separatism
09:55-10:40Lydia Patton,
Mnemic Phenomena: History, Physiology, and Perception in Russell’s Analysis of Mind
Gary Ebbs,
Quine’s First Significant Step in “Two Dogmas of Empiricism”
Robert Sinclair,
Quine, Lewis, and Phenomenalism
10:50-11:35Josh Eisenthal,
An Essential Similarity: Hertz’s Method in Wittgenstein’s
Robert May and Sanford Shieh 谢舜虎,
Truth-Values as Value-Ranges: Grounds and Perplexities
Richard Creath,
Whitehead’s Geometry as a Model for Quasi-Analysis
11:45-12:30Michael R. Hicks,
Sellars’s Logical Empiricism: Between Schlick and Neurath
Georg Schiemer,
Carnap’s Formalist Thesis
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break 
Afternoon Sessions  Zoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
Chair: CHEN Bo 陈波Chair: CHEN Jingkun 陈敬坤Chair: CHEN Changshen 陈常燊
14:00-14:45Francis Y. Lin 林允清,
Wittgenstein on Criteria, Scientism and Skepticism about Other Minds
XU Qiang 徐强,
The Availability of Middle Wittgenstein’s Philosophy
Sebastian Sunday Grève 王小塞,
Turing’s philosophy of AI
14:55-15:40K. T. Fann 范光棣,
Wittgenstein and Analytic Philosophy
Ragnar van der Merwe,
Kant and Whewell’s Hylomorphism: Then and Now
Giulia Felappi,
Langer on Saving Western logic from a Metaphysical Limbo
15:50-16:35Gabriela Besler,
Gottlob Frege’s Collaboration with two Italian Mathematicians: Giuseppe Peano and Giovanni Vailati
Nikolay Milkov,
Susan Stebbing and Some Uncharted Sides of Analytic Philosophy
16:45-17:30Timur Cengiz Uçan,
The Phrase and the Word
17:45-19:15 Plenary Lecture
Siobhan Chapman
Susan Stebbing on Philosophical Analysis: Publication, Revision and Letters to G. E. Moore
Chair: Michael Beaney

Friday, July 8, 2022

Morning Sessions Zoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
 Chair: Marcus RossbergChair: Michael R. HicksChair: Tyke Nunez
09:00-09:45Alexander Johnstone,
Shieh on Frege: Judgement, Truth, and the Context Principle
Danielle Macbeth,
Under the Fregean Microscope: A Preliminary Analysis of Traditional Chinese Mathematical Practice
Gregory Landini,
Stipulations Missing Axioms in Frege’s Grundgesetze der Arithmetik
09:55-10:40Sanford Shieh 谢舜虎,
Discussion of Johnstone
Christopher Campbell,
Wittgenstein’s Categorially Indeterminate Approach to Generality in the Tractatus
Alexander Klein,
Introspection: From Jamesean to Russellian Monism
10:50-11:35Luca Oliva,
Frege and Rickert on Mathematics
Aude Bandini,
Sellarsian Insights on the Scientific Status of Human and Social Sciences
Alessandro R. Moscarítolo Palacio,
The History of J. L. Austin’s Philosophy
11:45-12:30Robert Hudson,
Rudner’s Second Argument (for the Value-ladenness of Science)
Landon Elkind,
Why didn’t Bertrand Russell cite the logical works of his PhD Advisee Dorothy Wrinch?
12:30-14:00 Lunch Break 
Afternoon SessionsZoom 1Zoom 2Zoom 3
Chair: GU Chengcheng 谷城成 Chair: HUANG Min 黄敏 Chair: JIANG Yi  江怡
14:00-14:45LIU Jinfang 刘晋芳,
Interaction between Wittgenstein and Ramsey
Junichi Kasuga カスガ ジュンイチ,
R. G. Collingwood as a Philosopher of Perception
Ryo Ito 伊藤 遼,
An Interpretation of the Gray’s Elegy Argument
14:55-15:40 Johannes Brandl,
Brentano’s Concept of Intentionality: A Proposal for a New Beginning
Morgan Adou,
The Influence of Wittgenstein on the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge
Raimundo Henriques,
Wittgenstein’s Remarks on Architecture
15:50-16:35Juliette Kennedy,
Gödel and the Entscheidungsproblem
Simon Wimmer,
Cook Wilson’s Accretion
LIANG Xiaolan 梁小岚,
Seeing-as in Wittgenstein’s Middle Philosophy
16:45-17:30James Levine,
Pragmatism vs Naturalism in Quine’s Philosophical Development
Michael Beaney and LIANG Xiaolan 梁小岚,
Zhang Shizhao 章士釗 and the Translation of ‘logic’
17:45-19:15 Plenary Lecture
CHEN Bo 陈波
Quine’s Naturalism: Clarification and Vindication
Chair: JIANG Yi 江怡
21:00-22:30 SSHAP Annual General Meeting